How to Clean Fresh Crabs to Freeze?

Answer For seafood lovers, crab meat is a tasty delicacy that can be enjoyed in salads, stews, and main dishes. Cleaning and preparing fresh crab requires a few steps, but is not difficult. When the crab ... Read More »

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Can you freeze live crabs?

Freezing live crabs is inadvisable. The Maryland Department of Agriculture suggests freezing only parts of cleaned crabs, because live, whole crabs contain undigested food and waste that could deve... Read More »

How to Freeze Fresh Cherries With a Pit?

Extend the short summer cherry season by freezing your fresh cherries for enjoyment all year long. While you can remove the pit before freezing, according to New Mexico State University, leaving th... Read More »

How to Freeze Fresh Fruit?

Sometimes, it is cheaper to purchase fruit in bulk, although it is difficult to use all of the fruit before it spoils. Freezing fruit is a great way to always have fruit available on hand, while en... Read More »

Can you freeze fresh ginger?

On One Hand: Ginger Is Easily FrozenFreeze ginger roots whole, not sliced or grated, in a plastic bag or airtight plastic container. When you need some ginger, slice off a piece or grate it from th... Read More »