How to Clean Flushing Purification Lubrication Systems?

Answer A purification lubrication system is considered unclean when contaminants from fuel pumps, motor failures, dirt, smoke or dust accumulate in certain parts of the system. They can spread throughout ... Read More »

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What Chemicals Are Used to Clean Air Conditioning Systems?

Though automotive air conditioners are closed systems, they still accumulate contaminants, mostly rancid compressor oil. Moisture in the system reacts with the oil to form sludge which creates corr... Read More »

How to Clean Fuel Injectors & Intake Systems?

Cleaning your fuel injectors and intake system has gotten a lot easier since the creation of fuel injector cleaner. Having clean fuel injectors is important because it can improve the performance o... Read More »

How to Clean Throttle Body Fuel Injection Systems?

The throttle body and fuel injectors are independent of each other. The throttle body is the air-metering device responsible for regulating the air entering the engine relative to the position of t... Read More »

Types of Lubrication Oil?

Mineral oils are the most popular kind used for lubrication, but that hasn't always been the case. Whale fat, for example, was very popular for lubricating machinery in the early 1800s. Today, othe... Read More »