How to Clean Floor Using an Autoscrubber?

Answer Automatic Floor ScrubberAutomatic floor scrubbers provide the quickest and easiest way of cleaning any type of hard floor surface. One pass over the floor and your floor is clean and ready to be wa... Read More »

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How do i clean floor without using chemicals?

The ProcessSweep the floor and dispose of the swept up dust and debris. Fill a 5-gallon bucket to the halfway point with warm water. Measure out 2 1/2 cups of white vinegar and pour it into the war... Read More »

What is an effective and easy way to remove/clean the oil that's on the garage floor (it's a concrete floor)?

Believe it or not - Kitty Litter. The cheapest you can find. Put it on the oil spots & let it remain a couple days. Stir & sweep it around once or twice.It might take a couple treatments but it wil... Read More »

How do you clean pop off of the floor?

If it is carpet, soak up all the liquid and then use a cleaner like Folex available at Home Depot to clean any stain.If it is vinyl or laminate, use a sponge mop and vinegar and water. You don't wa... Read More »

How do I clean oil on a garage floor?

Absorbing the StainPour a heaping amount of cat litter or baking soda on the oil stain, this will help absorb the oil, and leach it from the pavement. Allow the powder to sit for several hours.Swee... Read More »