How to Clean Fingernails?

Answer Having clean fingernails is essential to being a generally hygienic person. People notice your hands more often than you think, and having dirty fingernails makes you look unprofessional and just p... Read More »

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How to Clean Your Fingernails?

Your fingernails can do a lot of things. They can be kept short or grown very long, painted or done nail art with, and lots more. Unfortunately, dirty fingernails seriously limit your chances of 1.... Read More »

How to Keep Your Fingernails Clean?

We use our hands all the time! But how are we suppose to keep our finger nails clean with all of that usage? There is a secret. It requires daily cleansing. But it is worth it to have healthy, envi... Read More »

How to Clean Under the Fingernails in the Elderly?

Caring for the elderly means everything from sponge baths to cleaning the dirt from underneath their fingernails. This can be a scary process, because you want to make sure the person your are cari... Read More »

How to Clean Yellowed Fingernails?

Yellowing nails are caused by using a dark nail color directly on fingernails. It's easy to avoid by using just a simple base coat of clear polish. Buy one that's specifically made to be a base for... Read More »