How to Clean Fibre Mats (Coir, Coconut Matting etc.)?

Answer Fibre mats usually are placed at front doors and entrance ways to trap dust, dirt and particles off shoes and the street. So it stands to reason they need a little cleaning themselves now and then.

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What is coconut coir?

Coconut coir is obtained from the fibrous material surrounding the seed of the coconut palm, cushioning it from shocks and protecting it from water damage. It is used in products like matting, sack... Read More »

Is 10GBASE-T copper or fibre, if copper what is the equivalent name of 10GB fibre cable?

10GBase-T is the standard for 10GB Ethernet over twisted pair copper cablesWhen you use optical fibre there are several different port types to choose from so you'll see references like these:10GBA... Read More »

How to Clean Tatami Mats?

A Tatami MatIf you live in Japan, you may have one or more rooms that are very different to what you're used to. Tatami flooring (made of woven straw) is very common in Japan and needs to be taken ... Read More »

Tips to Clean Car Mats?

Car mats are easy to overlook, even though they get stepped on daily. When water or stains settle in, the dirty mats can create an unpleasant atmosphere. Keeping your car mats clean and fresh is an... Read More »