How to Clean Engine Parts?

Answer Every engine part, no matter how clean-running the engine, invariably gets covered with grease and oil. Since it is all petroleum based, the only way to clean any part is with a petroleum-based cle... Read More »

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The Easiest Way to Clean Engine Parts After Disassembly?

People who rebuild motors often save and reuse engine parts in order to save money and reduce the amount of time spent searching for hard to find pieces. There are a number of different ways to cle... Read More »

How to Assemble Engine Parts?

The process of assembling an engine typically requires specific steps to make sure the process is done correctly. Many times some of the parts cannot be installed until certain internal components ... Read More »

The Parts of an Engine Lift?

An engine lift, also called a hoist, is a heavy-duty piece of equipment used to lift automobile engines out of the chassis so that mechanics can work on or replace them. Engine lifts are manufactur... Read More »

Parts of a VW 1200 Engine?

Volkswagen (VW) means the "people's car" in German. The VW 1200 cc engine made 40 horsepower and went from 0 to 60 in 32.1 seconds with a top speed of 72 mph. The small four-cylinder engine had a ... Read More »