How to Clean Earrings?

Answer To stop ear infections when wearing earrings, you should clean them regularly. To do this follow these simple steps.

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Clean Diamond Earrings?

Diamond earrings become dirty through frequent wear. They pick up oil from your skin and hair, causing the metal to become worn and the stone to lose its luster. For mild build-up, try a home clean... Read More »

How to Clean Gold Earrings?

Gold jewelry is beautiful but expensive. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your gold jewelry. Gold earrings do not tarnish but can become dull when they come into contact with makeup,... Read More »

What is the best and safest way to clean diamond earrings?

Try hot water and mild soap (ie liquid handsoap or just plain old dishsoap) Soak them in a cup of hot soapy water. Take them out and give them a scrub with a SOFT bristled toothbrush. If you happen... Read More »

How do I clean cubic zirconia earrings?

Cubic zirconia, sometimes called Diamonique, looks very similar to diamonds and is one of the top competitors to diamonds in the jewelry market. It is the synthetic form of zirconium dioxide. Even ... Read More »