How to Clean EGR Valves?

Answer EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. The EGR valve is designed to redirect some of the engine's exhaust into the engine's intake manifold, which cools down the air inside the engine and helps ... Read More »

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How to Clean the EGR Valves on an Infinity G20?

The Infinity G20 EGR valves use a threaded tube nut fitting instead of a hose connection. Additionally, Infinity's EGR design uses two valve openings on the side of the assembly, and is mechanicall... Read More »

How to Clean RV Drain Valves?

Prevention is the key to keeping your RV drain valves in good working order. While the basic plumbing and drain valve of an RV is similar to that of a house, the RV needs to have its plumbing manua... Read More »

How to Clean Brake Proportioning Valves?

Brake proportioning valves are responsible for altering the rate of pressure to the back brakes are found close to the back break line. The valve also controls the amount of brake fluid that is dis... Read More »

How to Clean Valves on a Toro Sprinkler?

Toro sprinklers, which can be set to turn on automatically, employ valves that control the flow of water to the various sections of your yard. If you notice that one of your sections either has a d... Read More »