How to Clean Dishes?

Answer Nobody likes to clean the dishes, all kids make any excuse to get out of it. This manual will show you how to quickly get done so you can go and do something more enjoyable.

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How do I clean stoneware dishes?

Run hot water over the stoneware after is has cooled enough to be handled. Do not use dish soap, as this will cause damage to the stoneware plus leave a soapy aftertaste the next time you use the d... Read More »

How to Clean Pyrex Dishes?

Whether your Pyrex dishes are of vintage origin or a modern variety, the Pyrex manufacturer created these dishes with a focus on easy maintenance. Because of the smooth surface of Pyrex dishes, the... Read More »

How to Clean Silver Dishes?

Silver dishes become tarnished over time, mostly due to exposure to sulfur from sources such as rubber and latex, foods such as eggs, onions and mayonnaise, and hydrogen sulfide in the air. Regular... Read More »

How to Clean Dishes Quickly?

Sink full with dirty dishes? Have only 15 minutes on your hands? Then this is the wikiHow for you.