How to Clean Crystal?

Answer Crystal gathers dust. Whether on display or in storage, crystal needs to be cleaned using a specific method. Crystal on display should sparkle, and crystal used for dining or drinking should be cle... Read More »

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How do I clean a crystal ball?

Prepare the CleanserBoil 2 tbsp. chamomile, 10 drops essential pennyroyal oil, 2 cups of water and 1 tbsp. mugwort in a medium saucepan for approximately three minutes. Allow the mixture to cool, a... Read More »

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier?

Cleaning a crystal chandelier tends to be one of those jobs left to last because it seems so fiddly and requires concentration. Nevertheless, it needs to be done and it's a methodical, rhythmical k... Read More »

How to Clean Crystal Stemware?

Some people save their crystal stemware in a china hutch, admiring it with their eyes only and never daring to use it. If you are bold enough to use your crystal stemware at least occasionally, you... Read More »

How to Clean Swarovski Crystal?

Swarovski crystal can be a beautiful addition to your jewelry or home decor. Crystal, however, can sometimes be tricky to clean without scratching the coating on its surface. You must be careful ab... Read More »