How to Clean Couch Pillow Covers?

Answer Ever want to clean your couch pillow covers but didn't know how?

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What pillow goes with a brown leather couch?

On One Hand: Brown is a Neutral ColorPairing a brown leather couch with colorful throw pillows brings life to the room and adds character, drama and atmosphere. Go with greens to convey a calming s... Read More »

How much fabric covers a couch?

The yardage necessary to create a slipcover or similar cover for a couch varies greatly depending on the size and style of the couch. A 6-foot couch may need 10 to 13 yards of fabric. A slipcover p... Read More »

Couch Covers That Repel Dog Hair?

A dog that sheds profusely can be a nightmare if you have a quality couch. The best remedy for dog shedding is to keep your dog off the couch, but there are several pads and covers available if you... Read More »

Can you wash couch cushion covers?

Yes. Many cushions covered in machine-washable fabrics have a zipper to allow removal of the cover for cleaning. Some cushions are constructed entirely of washable materials so you can machine wash... Read More »