How to Clean Coins With Cyanide?

Answer Cyanide is a poisonous chemical compound that is a combination of nitrogen and carbon. Cyanide was used back in the 1800s to clean coins because it left the coins shiny and new looking. This method... Read More »

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If you make a cyanide solution, and dilute it so there is no cyanide left, will taking it daily cure death?

How to Clean Coins?

Want to bring out the shine in those old coins your parents or grandparents gave you? Think twice before cleaning them. If the coins are collectible or valuable, cleaning will almost always reduce ... Read More »

Can you tell me how do i clean old coins.?

If they are old enough to be valuable, don't clean them. Any cleaning will diminish their value. Contact a coin dealer and ask what to do, he can tell you which ones might be rare.

How to Clean Silver Coins?

This article is written specifically for how to clean silver Roman coins. In a word, the answer is "carefully"! But read on for how to clean silver coins.