How to Clean Clams?

Answer Clams are a delicious seafood which are relatively easy to harvest and eat. Like all shellfish, however, preparing a clam can be little tricky and if not done correctly it can make for an unpleasan... Read More »

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How to Clean Fresh Clams?

Sand accumulates in hard and soft shell clams which live in the water buried under sand and mud. Soft shell clams have an increased risk of sand in their shells due to their inability to close thei... Read More »

How to Clean & Cook Clams?

Cooking clams for the first time can be a little intimidating. When purchasing clams, look for tightly-closed shells. Clams must be cooked live. If the shell is chipped, broken or even slightly ope... Read More »

How to Eat Freshwater Clams?

Freshwater clams are mussels that are circular-shaped and make their own juices, known as clam liquor. You can purchase freshwater clams from your local fish store. These clams can survive in a wid... Read More »

How to Plunge for Clams?

A clam plunger looks like a plunger for the world's tallest toilet. It consists of a long handle with a scoop net on one end, and the familiar head of a plumber's helper on the other. Clam plungers... Read More »