How to Clean Chrome With Coke?

Answer Chrome adds a shiny, attractive finish to vehicles and home furnishings. When left to the elements, however, chrome eventually accumulates water marks and rust spots that mar its appearance. Regula... Read More »

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How to Clean a Toilet With Coke?

Is your toilet full of limescale and other nasty stains and you don't have a chemical toilet cleaner on hand? Or are you looking for less expensive and/or non-toxic cleaning solutions? Don't worry,... Read More »

I left my change in some Coke to clean them. They've come up lovely, should I now drink the Coke?

Of course you should. It would be a shame to waste a good glass of coke. Besides, you're a robot. Your insides will get shiny too. You'll be lovely!

How to Clean Chrome With Toothpaste?

Chrome plating adds a shiny, mirror-like finish to any metal fixture. Because chrome is often used in damp areas where spotting can occur, such as kitchens, bathrooms and on automobiles, chrome req... Read More »

What tastes nice with bacardi (apart from coke or diet coke) I'm after a low fat option!?

OK they now have "Low Calorie" Rum:ISLAND BREEZE by Bacardi: 48 Calories, 1.5 g Carbohydrates for 1.5 fl oz."ZERO MIXERS" (5 Calories!!!) come in "Pina Colada", "Cosmopolitan", "Sex on the Beach"... Read More »