How to Clean Caulking After it Has Dried on a Fiberglass Tub?

Answer A fiberglass bath tub is sealed with a bead of caulk around its edges. If the caulk is not wiped off the unintended parts of the tub, it can dry and become very hard. This is unsightly to look at a... Read More »

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Can wet fiberglass insulation be dried?

Wet fiberglass insulation may be dried and reused, according to Owens Corning, a company that manufactures fiberglass insulation. While wet, the insulation loses some of its thermal resistance (R-v... Read More »

How to Clean Dirt and Mold on Shower Caulking?

Shower caulking improves the appearance of seams and prevents water from seeping into cracks around the bathtub. Over time, the caulking can dry up, split and pull away from the shower. This causes... Read More »

How to Clean Window Glass of Caulking, Paint & Varnish?

When paint overlaps onto window glass, a simple razor blade is enough to scrape the surface clean. However, some materials contain powerful adhesives and require specific techniques to loosen them ... Read More »

How to Clean Dried Urine?

Accidents happen, including your pet urinating on your carpet, sofa, chair or bed. Cat, dog, human and other animal urine not only smells, it also leaves a stain once it is dry. You may or may not ... Read More »