How to Clean Carbon From Your Engine (Very Old School)?

Answer Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of a gasoline engine can build up causing all kinds of problems - pinging, dieseling, running on, rough running and the worst case engine knocking. This w... Read More »

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How to Clean Carbon Build Up From an Rx7 Engine?

The RX7 is a sports car designed and manufactured by Mazda, and comes equipped with a 1.3 L engine. Over time, the engine may become dirty with caked-on carbon debris. Whether you are cleaning your... Read More »

How to Clean Carbon From an Engine Gasket Surface?

Engine gaskets are those all-important components that install between certain metal parts on an engine where a tight seal is needed to prevent oil, coolant or other fluids, or compression from lea... Read More »

How to Clean Carbon From a 2004 Taurus Air Intake Valve?

The air intake valve, better known as the throttle body, has a CNC machined surface on the inside of the intake portion. This procedure has given the surface an extremely smooth surface so the air ... Read More »

How to Clean Carbon Deposits From Ford Intake Manifolds?

One problem that can occur with Ford intake manifolds is a buildup of carbon deposits. These deposits develop from the fuel and contaminants that get inside the engine from the combustion process. ... Read More »