How to Clean Carbon Deposits From Ford Intake Manifolds?

Answer One problem that can occur with Ford intake manifolds is a buildup of carbon deposits. These deposits develop from the fuel and contaminants that get inside the engine from the combustion process. ... Read More »

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How to Clean Carbon Out of an Intake Manifold?

Is your car hesitating, sluggish, idling rough or dieseling (continuing to run after being turned off)? It may be due to carbon deposits or buildup in the intake manifold. Cleaning out the carbon ... Read More »

Information on Intake Manifolds & Intake Manifold Gaskets?

Almost all engines have intake manifolds of some sort. The intake manifold is a serpentine arrangement of tubes designed to guide air and in some cases fuel from the engine's main air valve to the ... Read More »

How to Clean Carbon From a 2004 Taurus Air Intake Valve?

The air intake valve, better known as the throttle body, has a CNC machined surface on the inside of the intake portion. This procedure has given the surface an extremely smooth surface so the air ... Read More »

What Are Intake Manifolds?

All vehicle engines have intake manifolds, engine parts that accept incoming air/fuel mixture gases and transport them into the engine cylinders, where they are ignited and burned, a process which ... Read More »