How to Clean Car Rust?

Answer Cleaning car rust is always a challenge because of the nature of rust. Rust is like cancer for cars. If you don't catch it quickly enough, it spreads until entire body panels need to be replaced. L... Read More »

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How to Clean Rust From Tin?

Antiques, collectibles and all kinds of other products are made from tin, making it a very popular item to have on your shelf. But like most metals, tin is also susceptible to rust. Unchecked rust ... Read More »

How do I clean rust out of toilet?

White VinegarPour one-fourth cup of white vinegar into the toilet bowl. Wait 20 minutes.ScrubbingScrub the toilet bowl clean using the toilet brush.FlushingFlush the toilet to remove the rust.Sourc... Read More »

How do I clean rust from a rod iron?

Light RustUse medium to coarse sandpaper or a wire brush and scrape the rusted area. Keep in mind that the rust probably looks a lot worse then it really is. Once the rust is scraped off of your wr... Read More »

How do I clean rust corrosion?

Mineral OilUse mineral oil on the corrosion. Apply mineral oil to a paper towel and apply the oil to the rusted areas. Cover all the rust with the oil. Wait 20 to 30 minutes to allow the oil to pen... Read More »