How to Clean Car Rugs?

Answer Your car rugs and carpeting are constantly exposed to dirt, debris and other stain-causing substances by way of your footwear. While removable rugs are put in cars to protect the carpeting, they re... Read More »

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How do i clean rugs?

General CleaningVacuum most rugs to remove dirt and debris. Adjust the pile setting and beater bar so rug fibers are not pulled or snagged by the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum in the same direction as the... Read More »

How to Clean Wool Rugs?

Buying a wool rug for your home is a great investment that you can be proud of as long as you own your home. Wool rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing and a beneficial addition to your style of... Read More »

How do I clean cat urine out of rugs?

AbsorbAbsorb the cat urine from the rug if the stain is recent. If the stain is not recent, re-wet the stain with water and absorb it that way. Use paper towels or an old rag or cleaning cloth to a... Read More »

How to Clean Bathroom Rugs?

Bathroom rugs are exposed to general dirt and a lot of warmth and moisture. In short time, the rugs may develop a mildew odor if you don't clean them. Most bathroom rugs have a rubber backing to ke... Read More »