How to Clean Car Rugs?

Answer Your car rugs and carpeting are constantly exposed to dirt, debris and other stain-causing substances by way of your footwear. While removable rugs are put in cars to protect the carpeting, they re... Read More »

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How do i clean rugs?

General CleaningVacuum most rugs to remove dirt and debris. Adjust the pile setting and beater bar so rug fibers are not pulled or snagged by the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum in the same direction as the... Read More »

How to Clean Antique Rugs?

Antique rugs require special care to maintain their beauty. The fibers and fabrics are delicate and should be cleaned using gentle methods to prevent deterioration or damage. You could take your an... Read More »

How do i clean cat urine from rugs?

Blot the urine spot with a dry rag. Remove as much of the cat urine as possible by hand.Apply a cat urine enzyme cleaner liberally. Pet supply retailers carry several products in this category. All... Read More »

How to Clean Oriental Rugs?

Oriental rugs are an exotic and sophisticated touch to any home or apartment. The addition of an oriental to a room significantly alters the feel and character of your living space. Oriental rugs, ... Read More »