How to Clean Car Mats With Bad Stains?

Answer No matter how hard you try to keep the inside of your car free from stains, sometimes life gets in the way of your ambitions. Whether it's a tipped over cup of coffee or a muddy morning after a nig... Read More »

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How do you clean carpet stains with Morton salt...all stains?

AnswerOne reason is if you are using a copper ionizer this can casue a black coating anywhere on the pool. If this is not the case it could also be your pH off balance. Other than that I do not kno... Read More »

How do you get turmeric stains off table mats?

This answer would be best answered at a local pool show as new products and methods are constantly being developed.

How to Remove Stains from Rubber Sink Mats?

Rubber sink mats help protect many sink surfaces from scratches and stains but, as the mats protect your sink, they can become stained. Stains on rubber sink mats happen as a result of constant exp... Read More »

How do you remove linoleum stains caused by latex rubber on bath mats?

Answer What is the pressure on the gage on top of the filter say? Some pools operate with about 12 # reading. Some operate at 25, 30 & 35 #'s. Still others operate within the 4 to 8 # range. If yo... Read More »