How to Clean Car Injectors?

Answer Car fuel injectors can build up corrosion that affects engine performance and fuel timing. The procedure for cleaning them is similar on most vehicles. However, some injectors are designed to be re... Read More »

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How to Clean 4.3L V6 Injectors?

Fuel injectors can clog over time, resulting in reduced performance and fuel economy along with poor idle and hesitation. There are several methods to clean injectors, ranging from simple fuel addi... Read More »

How Do I Clean My Injectors on My F250?

Dirty or clogged fuel injectors can cause havoc in a car's fuel system. After the fuel is drawn from the fuel tank by the fuel pump, it passes through the fuel filter. The filter catches most conta... Read More »

How to Clean Duramax Injectors?

Keeping your fuel injectors clean is the key to maintaining your Duramax engine's performance. Clogged injectors not only contribute to lowered fuel economy, they also reduce the amount of power yo... Read More »

How to Clean GM Fuel Injectors?

For a fuel injector to work properly, it needs to be able to turn the liquid fuel into an atomized vapor. Several inventors tried improving the process with limited results, but finally in 1982, th... Read More »