How to Clean, Buff and Wax Cars?

Answer How to remove all the dirt and dust from your car and make it look almost new,

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How to Buff Cars?

Buffing a car can make a big difference in the car's appearance. Even newly painted cars can benefit from being buffed properly. Buffing a car using the wrong tools or steps can cause major damage ... Read More »

How to Buff Patch Paint on Cars?

After making repairs and patching the paint job on a car, it doesn't alway look as good as new. In patched areas that are larger than small chips or cracks, many times you can see exactly where the... Read More »

How to Buff Metallic Acrylic Enamel Paint on Cars?

Perhaps you've repainted your car to mask cosmetic damage or rust, but that new enamel paint isn't sitting right. To fully blend the new paint job with the finish, you will need to buff the metalli... Read More »

How to Clean New Cars?

Most car owners like to keep the outside of their cars sparkling and the inside of their cars without spots, smells or dirt. Owners of new cars are even more obsessive about the detailing of their ... Read More »