How to Clean Black Mold Stains From an Outdoor Wood Table?

Answer Black mold is from the fungus family and it thrives in conditions that include warmth and moisture. Outdoor wood furniture that's exposed to warm, moist conditions is a prime candidate for the grow... Read More »

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How to Clean Mildew Stains Off Outdoor Wood?

Mildew stains on outdoor wood can turn beauty into a beast. Mildew attaches itself to outdoor wood furniture and decks and stains them with black splotches, making the wood look old and used. Fortu... Read More »

How to Remove Mold Stains from Wood Floors?

Mold-stained wood floorWood floors are beautiful and practical. But, if you allow water to stand on the surface, the finish will stain and mold may grow. This is especially true with water-based fi... Read More »

How to Clean a Black Painted Wood Kitchen Table?

The kitchen table is often a centerpiece of your kitchen decor, coming in a variety of materials and finishes. Painted wood is one kitchen table option, and a black paint color adds a sleek, modern... Read More »

How to Clean Mold Stains From Cotton?

Mold can grow on a variety of surfaces. Damp clothing kept in a humid location void of sunlight will begin to grow mold. Mold feeds off of fabrics such as cotton and can leave a nasty stain that ca... Read More »