How to Clean Bird Droppings off Canvas Furniture?

Answer Finding bird droppings on outdoor furniture is a fairly common occurrence. Here is a method for removing the stains easily.

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How to Clean Bird Droppings?

Wet bird droppings easily wipe up, but can dry to a hard mess that can be as difficult to clean as potty-training a bird. Here are some cleaning methods.

How to Clean Bird Droppings on an Auto Finish?

Bird droppings are an unsightly spot on your car's finished paint job. Aside from being unattractive, bird droppings contain high levels of acid that can begin to etch the wax or clear sealant that... Read More »

How to Fix Bird Droppings on Car Paint?

Car enthusiasts can spend many hours every week shining, waxing and polishing their cars, only to see the carefully cultivated look marred by the "souvenirs" of a few birds. Bird droppings contain ... Read More »

How to Remove Bird Droppings From a Deck?

If your deck is exposed from above, it can be a magnet for bird droppings, especially if there are several trees in the area to house birds. The droppings are acidic and should not be left on your ... Read More »