How to Clean Belly Button Lint?

Answer The belly button is one of the body parts we always forget to clean.So sometimes the belly button lint appears.This article will show you how to get rid of this lints in our belly button.

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How do we get lint in our belly button?

i believe it is from the fabric rubbing on you.. and it just accumulates in the 'button' cause that is the deepest part.. like a pothole collecting dirty, water, etc.

Why does my finger stink after I stick it in my belly-button and dig around for lint?

How to Clean Your Belly Button?

Belly buttons are one of the hardest areas on your body to clean. Some people have lint and dirt in their belly button. Here is how to clean your belly button and make your body clean.

How to Keep a Belly Button Clean?

Let's face it, while it may not seem like a part of the body that needs intimate care or special hygiene tips, if you have ever stuck your finger in your belly button and noticed a sharp not-so-ple... Read More »