How to Clean Barnacles Off a Boat?

Answer A barnacle is a type of marine crustacean. It has a hard outer shell and is a relative of sea creatures like lobsters and crabs. While generally harmless, barnacles have a frustrating habit of taki... Read More »

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How to Remove Barnacles from Boat Propellers?

Barnacles are small sea creatures that attach themselves to the hulls and propellors of boats. A colony of barnacles forms an encrustation of hard, sharp shells that can foul propellors, block drai... Read More »

How to Keep a Boat Interior Clean?

You just bought a boat and you have already taken it out for a spin. By now, you have probably already figured out that keeping the interior of your new boat clean is not going to be an easy job. T... Read More »

How to Clean a Boat Carburetor?

Dirty carburetors lead to engine stalls and other mishaps that can become costly to repair. Maintaining a boat carburetor means regular maintenance and checks on the fuel water filter. The most exp... Read More »

How to Clean Pontoons on a Boat?

Pontoon boats have large tubular tanks that support a main deck on a marine vessel. Boat pontoons have sturdy air-tight construction, almost always made of aluminum. Some pontoon boats can sit in t... Read More »