How to Clean Bad Stains From Vinyl in Cars?

Answer Vinyl is a type of plastic made from polyvinyl chloride. Auto manufacturers use vinyl to cover the seats in cars because of its low cost and high durability. Although this material is waterproof, ... Read More »

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How do i clean stains on a vinyl floor?

VinegarSpray or pour undiluted white distilled vinegar directly on the stain. Allow the vinegar to soak on the stain for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub the stain with a dry sponge or cloth. Repeat the pro... Read More »

How do I clean green stains on vinyl siding?

Prep the Cleaning SuppliesMix water and a mild detergent in one bucket and water (70 percent) and vinegar (30 percent) in another. Place cleaning tools such as a soft-bristled brush, non-abrasive s... Read More »

How do I clean pool stains on vinyl liner?

RemovalDrain the pool and remove the pool liner according to the manufacturer's directions. Place the pool liner clips in a central location that keeps them from getting lost. Lay the pool liner ou... Read More »

How do you clean carpet stains with Morton salt...all stains?

AnswerOne reason is if you are using a copper ionizer this can casue a black coating anywhere on the pool. If this is not the case it could also be your pH off balance. Other than that I do not kno... Read More »