How to Clean Automotive Ground Wires?

Answer Automotive ground wires provide the electrical path back to the source to complete a circuit. Most cars use the vehicle's frame as a universal grounding point. The connection from the wire to the f... Read More »

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The Right Way to Splice Automotive Electrical Wires?

Splicing automotive electrical wire is a bit more involved that just twisting two wires together. In almost all instances, automotive electrical wires are subject to conditions involving heat, cold... Read More »

How to Connect Wires to Automotive Fuses?

Ask anyone who has bolted on some extra horsepower and a way to gauge it, and he will tell you that to get it to work right he had to wire it correctly. You will need to know how to connect wires t... Read More »

How do you ground a dishwasher with only 2 wires available?

If it has a metal body you attach a suitable cable to match the ground or earth wire colour in your country ( such as a 6 mm squared cross sectional area ) copper cable with green-yellow ( in the U... Read More »

How to Connect Electrical Box Ground Wires?

Ground wires are identified as either a bare or green-colored wire within an electrical circuit. Ground wires are designed to route or channel any electrical power surge or short away from the user... Read More »