How to Clean Auto Headlights?

Answer After years of use, the plastic covering of headlights on an automobile can develop a yellow haze and even form cracks. This haze reduces the distance your headlights reach, which can be dangerous ... Read More »

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How to Aim Auto Headlights?

Headlights provide safe driving during times of limited visibility. Properly aimed, the headlights alert oncoming vehicles of your location while illuminating your path and any obstacles in your wa... Read More »

DIY LED Auto Headlights?

If you'd like to install LED auto headlights on your car, you will need to purchase an LED headlamp assembly that is made for your vehicle. If the LED assembly is not produced specifically for the ... Read More »

How to Adjust Auto Headlights?

Part of the regular maintenance for any car should include checking and adjusting the aim of the headlights. The vibration from driving can knock the headlights out of alignment, and keeping them f... Read More »

How to Disable Auto Headlights?

Auto headlights are permanently on in some American-made vehicles. Automakers like General Motors have installed them in their brands since 1990 with no option to turn them off. These always-on hea... Read More »