How to Clean Atomic 4 Carburetors?

Answer You must clean your boat's Atomic 4 carburetor to keep the vessel running with optimal performance. The carburetor mixes air and fuel. Occasionally, it can corrode and require cleaning. When it bec... Read More »

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How to Clean Carburetors?

A carburetor pulls air into the engine and mixes the gas with the air, allowing the engine to run. If the carburetor is dirty the engine will not run properly. Every carburetor is different, as is ... Read More »

How to Clean the Carburetors on a Polaris 700 Jet Ski?

If you fail to winterize your jet ski or drain the gas out of it before storing it, it is common for the carburetor to become gummed up with old gas. Before extended periods of not using your Polar... Read More »

How do I Clean Bike Carburetors?

Motorcycle carburetors are sensitive pieces of equipment that are easily affected by debris, contaminants and stale fuel. If allowed into the carburetor, these contaminants begin to build up within... Read More »

How to Clean Mercury Marine Carburetors?

Mercury offers two-stroke outboard motors with carburetor-type intakes. Carburetor banks hold two carburetor bores that draw from a shared fuel bowl, and each cylinder gets its own carburetor. The ... Read More »