How to Clean Aquarium Glass?

Answer Depending on the type of dirt you need to remove, the glass can be cleaned by scraping (with a razor blade) or scrubbing.

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How to Clean Aquarium Glass Safely?

Keeping fish can be a rewarding and relaxing hobby, but those aquariums require specialized care. Part of that specialized care is cleaning the glass properly. The chemicals in commercial glass cle... Read More »

How to Clean Bow-Front Aquarium Glass?

A bow-front aquarium can be the centerpiece of any room where it is placed, but only if it is properly cleaned. As with any aquarium, the glass on a bow-front will accumulate dust and dirt, and tha... Read More »

How to Clean Algae From Aquarium Glass?

You can take steps to retard the growth of algae in an aquarium, but nothing can stop all algae growth. When you do see algae beginning to form on the glass, the best practice is to clean it immedi... Read More »

How to Take Apart a Glass Aquarium?

Whether your aquarium suffered an irreparable crack and you want to recycle it or you simply want to use the glass for a do-it-yourself project, taking apart a glass aquarium, particularly a large ... Read More »