How to Clean Any Makeup Brush Cheaply?

Answer Here is a trick that really works well for any kind of make-up brush. Simple, cheap, and fast.

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How to Clean a Makeup Brush?

Professional makeup artists aren't the only ones who should take proper care of their tools; do not neglect hygienic practices in your makeup application just because you don't work with clients. N... Read More »

How to Clean an Eye Makeup Brush?

Using clean brushes every time you apply your eye makeup is not only a sanitary practice that prevents the spread of infection-causing bacteria, it is also a way to make sure the quality of your ey... Read More »

How Can I Clean My Makeup Brush That Has Sparkles on It That Won't Go Away?

Over time, makeup brushes pick up all sorts of debris other than makeup. Used daily, brushes collect oil and dirt from the skin. Brushes should be cleaned often, especially after using highly pigme... Read More »

How do you clean liquid foundation off a makeup brush ?

I am here to help. I am a professional make up artist and have over 8 yrs of salon and day spa experience. I see some say: use soap and water"----wrong answer. Soap does not kill the bacteria livin... Read More »