How to Clean Alloy Rims?

Answer Unlike 100% steel car wheels, alloy wheels are made from an amalgam of aluminum and more rigid metals. The result is a wheel which is lighter than those made from steel, improving car efficiency, a... Read More »

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How to Restore Alloy Rims?

Alloy rims can not only make your car look great, but they can also add value and a touch of personality. However, scratched or older looking rims can take away from your vehicle's overall appearan... Read More »

How To Prevent Damage to Alloy Rims?

Protecting alloy rims involves polishing and waxing them on a regular basis. Brake dust, sun and salt (if you live in the northern hemisphere) are just some of the things that can damage your unpro... Read More »

How to Replace Older Alloy Rims?

Alloy rims, or wheels, have become much more common on cars and trucks in the last several decades. It seems that most every car has a fancy set of flashy alloy wheels. Because of their proximity t... Read More »

How to Fix Curb Damage to Aluminum Alloy Rims?

Car wheels receive the most abuse and punishment from the road than any other part of the car. Hitting potholes, curbs and other objects can cause "curb damage" to the sides of your aluminum alloy... Read More »