How to Clean Algae out of a Fish Tank?

Answer cleaning a fish tank can be highly dangerous if you have no experience or knowledge. Follow these steps to clean a tank.

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How do I clean algae out of a fish pond?

Manual Removal of Pond AlgaeRake hair or filament algae out of the pond with a plastic rake, pond net or long stick and discard. Clean filter media, such as foam or mats inside the pond filter, fre... Read More »

How to Clean a Fish Tank?

This article explains how to safely clean a freshwater or saltwater fish tank. The instructions will apply for any size of fish tank that you have.

How to Clean a Used Fish Tank?

Finding a fish tank at a garage sale can be a joyful event for fish enthusiasts, since fish tanks are usually expensive when purchased new from a store. The drawback of buying a used tank, however,... Read More »

How to Clean Out a Big Fish Tank?

Big fish tanks are beautiful and relaxing to watch. They add interest to any space. It really is not difficult to clean out a big fish tank, should it become dirty. Regular cleaning is important to... Read More »