How to Claim Wages Owed on a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Answer The filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition involves a meticulous listing of each and every asset, debt and transfer of property. The bankruptcy debtor must also disclose all of his creditors. Fu... Read More »

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Are your wages garnished in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Wages are not garnished with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In fact, filing for Chapter 13 can halt or prevent wage garnishment. Instead, the person filing proposes a payment plan and then if accepted, i... Read More »

Does a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan have to include child support owed?

According to federal law, the filing of chapter 13 bankruptcy does not absolve the debtor from certain long term financial obligations, including child support. A debtor is responsible to pay those... Read More »

How to Claim Wages in Bankruptcy?

Facing an employer who files for bankruptcy can be an emotional and legally challenging experience. Your primary objective needs to be taking the steps necessary to ensure that you are compensated ... Read More »

Are your wages garnished in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ohio?

When successfully filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the state of Ohio, wages are considered exempt and cannot be garnished by the state or federal government. Creditors who have garnished wages p... Read More »