How to Claim Inherited Properties?

Answer Estate and probate law is a very complex subject. It is an area generally governed by state laws, and there is significant variation in these state laws. In most cases where there is a will and you... Read More »

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Can I Get a Quit Claim Deed for a Property in Florida That Is Inherited?

A person inheriting property in Florida will receive an executor's deed, which is similar in form and function to a quit claim deed. However, the surviving heir inheriting the property will have to... Read More »

Is there a six month waiting period on quit claim deeds for properties in colorado?

The state of Colorado does not require a waiting period in between filings of quit claim deeds. Some mortgage lenders may require the quit claim deed be six months old prior to lending on the prope... Read More »

What is the Difference Between Inherited and Non-Inherited Traits?

Traits are physical characteristics that can be displayed by animals (including human beings) and some plants. Inherited traits are passed down genetically from one generation to the next, while no... Read More »

Can You Open a Second Claim of Unemployment After Using Up All the Claim in Ohio?

There's a simple reason the U.S. Department of Labor and states limit the length of time anyone can receive unemployment: The program and its benefits are meant to provide only temporary relief to ... Read More »