How to Claim Foster Children on Taxes?

Answer It costs a lot to care for a child. According to a recent survey from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the costs of rearing a child from infancy to age 18 can top $200,000. And foster children a... Read More »

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Can i claim my foster child on my taxes?

A foster child can be claimed on your taxes as a dependent as long as she meets the other qualifications for being claimed as a dependent, which include being under 19 years old (or 24 if a full-ti... Read More »

Can I deduct foster children on my taxes?

Any foster child can be deducted as a dependent if they satisfy certain criteria for being a "qualifying child." The IRS looks to the age of the foster child at the end of the filing year. Accordi... Read More »

You are a foster parent you are in Michigan a foster parent support group looking for a adult foster child to come and share their story with about 200 other children and foster parents.please help us?

Your question is unclear to me. However, I will let you know about me.I was a foster child, along with my 4 siblings, as our mother died when i was 3. I/we were raised in foster homes until we each... Read More »

Do both parents have the right to claim their children on their income taxes?

When parents are divorced, the use of the children's exemptions is generally determined by the decree. It has nothing to do with who pays for what. The parent with whom the children reside for over... Read More »