How to Claim Back Bank Charges?

Answer There are many reasons why you would receive a bank charge on your account. Before trying to claim back bank charges it is important to determine if the fee is warranted. Follow these steps to reco... Read More »

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How to Claim Money Back From Your Bank?

No one is perfect, and even your bank can make mistakes from time to time. When you're looking over your monthly bank statement, and you see a charge that is unclear or wrong, it is important to qu... Read More »

Can you claim finance charges on taxes?

On One Hand: No for PersonalAccording to the Internal Revenue Service fact sheet on interest expenses, most finance charges are not allowable as a tax deduction. The only two exceptions to this are... Read More »

When you backed out your car from garrage you hit and the back door has to be replaced If you claim insuarance does the premium goes high if so can you claim as hit run Are any other tips please?

Answer If you don't want your insurance to go up, don't report it, just fix it yourself and acknowledge that you made a mistake. Insurance fraud will get you and it can be expensive and can result ... Read More »

How to Reclaim Bank Charges?

Bank charges include more than just those for monthly maintenance fees. Others are for the use of ATM machines to withdraw money, accepting the bank's check enclosure and check image services, havi... Read More »