How to Cite the National Anthem?

Answer Citing the United States' National Anthem requires the same steps as any other song. Referencing "The Star Spangled Banner" may be slightly easier, however, because of its immense popularity in the... Read More »

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When US national anthem and another foreign national anthem being played on US soil at a foreign cultural gathering does US anthem take precedence and it has to be played first?

Typically the National Anthem is played first; however, the order of foreign anthems being played can vary depending on the protocol of the event.

Who wrote the U.S. national anthem?

"The Star Spangled Banner" was written in September 1814 by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812. He wrote a poem called "Defense of Fort McHenry" after seeing the flag flying after a battle w... Read More »

Who composed the U. S. national anthem?

John Stafford Smith composed the music for "The Anacreontic Song," a British pub song, which is the tune to which Francis Scott Key applied his poem, "The Defence of Fort McHenry." This song later ... Read More »

What is the Hungarian national anthem?

The song "Himnusz" is the national anthem of Hungary. An alternative name for the anthem is "Isten, aldd meg a magyart," which translates to "God, bless the Hungarians." Hungary adopted "Himnusz" a... Read More »