How to Cite the Associated Press in a Research Paper?

Answer The Associated Press was founded in 1846 and serves thousands of newspapers, magazines, television news stations and online sources with news of the day. According to the AP Web site, "on any given... Read More »

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How to Cite Your Research Paper?

Properly citing your sources in a research paper is a critical part of your grade, so dedicate the time and energy needed to get it right. This means making any necessary changes to the body of you... Read More »

How to Cite Works in a Research Paper?

It's very important to correctly cite your sources when you write a research paper; otherwise, you may be plagiarizing. There are two aspects to citation. One is in-text citation, the way you give ... Read More »

How to Cite a Historical Research Paper?

The two major styles for citation are the Modern Language Association and the American Psychological Association formats. The MLA format is generally used for the humanities and the APA format is u... Read More »

How to Cite Someone Else's Work in a Research Paper?

When you use the words or ideas of someone else in your writing, you must give credit. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism, which is a serious ethical violation in the writing community. The Am... Read More »