How to Cite a USGS Map?

Answer When you are writing a term paper in college, you must be sure to cite all sources that you use for information. This includes not only print sources, such as books and articles, but also image-bas... Read More »

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USGS Soil Types?

USGS soil types are a way to measure the potential of any location for shaking during earthquakes. Government geologists determine the kind of soil by examining results from a number of samples tak... Read More »

How to Report an Unknown Earthquake on the USGS Web Site?

An earthquake just happened in your area. If you think you felt some shaking, try this.

What is this located in the top left corner of USGS photos from Mt. Saint Helens explosion?

Databack for the Pentax LX.…

How to Cite the DSM-IV in MLA?

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