How to Cite a Short Story in a Textbook?

Answer While citing books is straightforward, citing short stories that are part of an anthology or textbook can be more difficult. But if your anthology has a cover page -- as most will -- finding the in... Read More »

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How to Cite a Short Story in MLA Format?

The Modern Language Association's (MLA) guidelines are the preferred style of professors and English teachers for citing literature in papers and essays. Short stories in particular are simple to f... Read More »

How to Cite the Works of a Short Story?

When you write a paper, different sources require different citation formats. Punctuation points, the order of information, which bits of information to include and other citation information can v... Read More »

Is there a common theme in the short story The Necklace and the short story The Most Dangerous Game?

No, one deals with a social-climbing stunt- a wealthy woman loans a valuable prop ( or what is assumed to be) to a middle-class woman to wear to a party- the item is mysteriously lost.. then the le... Read More »

How to Cite a Textbook?

If you reference a textbook in a published work, you must provide enough information about the textbook to guide interested readers back to the original source. You're likely to use one of two styl... Read More »