How to Cite a Photograph?

Answer Remember, always cite your sourcesThe use of a photograph in a publication, online or in any work you create should always be cited. This reference credits the original creator and protects the pho... Read More »

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How to Cite a Photograph in APA?

APA format is the standard citation method for most science-based academic communities. In addition to having formating for citations related to text, APA also requires that attribution be given to... Read More »

If you take a photograph of a structure such as Willis Tower from an abutting private lot can you sell the photograph?

Answer Well, just like anything else that a corporation owns they have the licensing rights to even a picture of the tower. So you may have to get their permission if your going to profit from the... Read More »

A man is looking at a photograph of someone His friend asked who it is The man replies Brothers and sisters you have none But that man's father is my father's son Who was in the photograph?

NephewIt's actually himself. No brothers or sisters and his dad's son.

If you get someone to take a photograph of you who has the copyright to that photograph?

Unless the job is work for hire or work for employer the photographer holds the copyright.