How to Cite a Paragraph in Text?

Answer Writers must indicate when they quote an outside source in an essay, report or other academic paper. Sometimes they must cite source information at the end of the paper in a separate bibliography. ... Read More »

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Microsoft Word 2007 Help! What is the quickest way to move text from the first paragraph to the last paragraph?

Select/Highlight it, cut it, and paste it.

How to Cite a Paragraph in APA?

APA, also known as American Psychological Association, is a citation style used to attribute sources when writing a formal document or paper. Normally, when you cite using APA format, you would inc... Read More »

How to Cite a Paragraph?

Citing specific information can be confusing at times because there are various rules for specific citations. Different writing styles require information be cited in different ways. For instance, ... Read More »

How to Cite Lists In-Text With Definitions in the Body of the Text in APA Format?

APA (American Psychology Association) Style is a format often used with social science research papers. Like other style guides, it tells authors how to properly space, paginate and organize papers... Read More »