How to Cite a DOI in APA?

Answer A Digital Object Identifier, sometimes referred to as a "DOI," is a unique number assigned to articles from scholarly journals that appear online. MLA style does not require the use of Digital Obje... Read More »

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How to Cite the CDC?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an American federal government agency that addresses health issues in the United States. The CDC publishes a variety of health-related inform... Read More »

How to Cite the DSM IV-TR?

The DSM refers to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a publication of the American Psychiatric Association that is the world standard for the diagnosis of mental disorders. ... Read More »

How to Cite an App?

Citing sources used in academic writing is a critical step to completing an assignment. Sources indicate to the instructor where you found the facts used for evidence in the text of your paper. To ... Read More »

How to Cite for APA?

Knowledge is cumulative. When you say that gravity is what makes a tossed ball return to the ground, for example, you are depending on Isaac Newton for his study of gravity and its influence betwee... Read More »