How to Cite a Conference in APA?

Answer The presentations and posters given at professional and academic conferences often contain the latest and most cutting-edge research available in the discipline. Including this research in your own... Read More »

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How to Cite a Conference Presentation in APA Style?

To plagiarize means to take another person's ideas and try to pass them off as your own. Plagiarism is a very serious offense and can result in being expelled from college. To avoid the risk of bei... Read More »

How to Dress for a Conference?

When you attend a conference, you often do so with the intention of establishing connections and creating impressions with other professionals in your field. As a result, you should put your best f... Read More »

How to Promote a Conference?

Promoting a conference should be done using a number of methods and at various times. You should get the message out and continue to let people know until the event day arrives. If you are interest... Read More »

How to Present at a Conference?

One very useful and important way that professionals such as scientists, educators, professionals and business leaders share information is by presenting at an annual meeting, conference or convent... Read More »