How to Cite Two Sentences?

Answer When you are writing an essay or research paper, short quotations should usually be contained within the text. However, a quotation that is two sentences long may be either a short or long quotatio... Read More »

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How to Cite Two Sentences in a Row Using the Same Author?

Knowing how to properly cite references in your writing and research papers can save you a lot of issues and keep your work free of plagiarism. When writing, there are many styles to choose from, t... Read More »

How to Cite Several Sentences Together in MLA Form?

When writing a research paper, you need to cite the sources you used, both as a reference for someone else interested in reading further on the topic and to avoid plagiarism. Several methods of cit... Read More »

How to Combine Sentences to Create Compound Sentences?

When learning to create compound sentences, it is important not to overlook the alternate name of this type of sentence. Because a compound sentence is made up of two simple sentences joined by a c... Read More »

How to End Sentences With a Preposition?

Although your high school English teacher may have taught you to never to end a sentence with a preposition, the truth is that ending sentences with prepositions is a widespread and generally accep... Read More »