How to Choreograph a Sword Fight?

Answer Are you making a movie, but in one of the scenes you need a sword fight of some sort, and you don't know how? You are in a situation that many directors have felt in the past. Read on to find out h... Read More »

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How to Sword Fight?

Sword fighting is one of those arts that you can spend your whole life doing and never feel like you really have mastered it. When two people fight, it is easy for them to get caught up in the flas... Read More »

How to Sword Fight in Larp?

LARPing usually involves fighting with either latex or boffer weapons. This is a guide to the basics of sword on sword fighting.

How to Sword Fight Easily on Roblox.Com?

From your experience of sword fighting,you know that you aren't as good as most people.This article will show you how to sword fight easily.

How to Sword Fight on Something Thin?

Have you watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and saw them fight on a board or a mast? This article will teach you how to win this rare occasion!