How to Chop an Onion?

Answer The onion is a popular ingredient in many dishes. Learning how to chop one quickly and effectively will help your skills as a chef in the kitchen. Here's what to do.

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How to Chop an Onion Quickly?

Most recipes for soups or stews call for chopped onions in large amounts. Many people use a paring knife to cut slices in an onion, then cut each slice into smaller pieces. Professional chefs and o... Read More »

How do you chop an onion without crying?

Just try to cut it really fast and stand back and wash your really fast when your done and put some eye-drops in your eyes before and after. hope this helped!

How do you chop an onion without it making you cry?

I have two suggestions. 1.) peel onion under running water, ~or~ in the Food and Beverage Industry they actually use 'goggles' when chopping huge amounts of onions. Wearing the goggles really hel... Read More »

Can anyone tell me how to chop an onion without 'crying'?

Trust me on this one.. light a votive candle near your chopping board....for some reason you won't cry ... try it!!