How to Choose the a Motorhome or Campervan to Rent?

Answer Thinking of trying out renting or buying a Motor home, RV, or even a Camper van, for the very first time then you might be wondering what kind you'd want to choose for that vacation trip. You can d... Read More »

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Campervan rental in zurich?

Bear in mind that if you want to rent a camper(van) in Zurich, you're required to speak German. Entering "camper mieten zürich" into a search engine brought dozens of appropriate links, see here: ... Read More »

If you were left a condo in a life estate can you choose not to live there and rent it out?

AnswerI believe so. The life estate simply governs the ownership of the property. In other words, you can't sell it and the previous owner can't sell it until he or she dies. I believe it is intend... Read More »

Have a garden shed to rent out to a foreign family much rent could i expect per week!?

phwoar about £700pcm for this compact des res to accommodate 15 people (30 on a shift pattern!), five, three tiered bunks with has got electic hasn't it?? They have been jammed on t... Read More »

If you rent your home and pay to have pests professionally removed, can you legally deduct that from the rent?

I wish! Sorry... no deduction for you. You could just use natural pest control (like cinnamon) instead of wasting $$$ on an exterminator. Here's a link in case you want to save your cash. Landlords... Read More »